Why choose Enable Plan Management?

There are a number of benefits Enable Plan Management offer:

  • Personalised service
  • No long phone call waiting
  • Face to face meetings/phone call appointments (what you need)
  • You can choose any provider
  • Fast payments
  • Monthly statements
Enable Plan Management proudly supports the NDIS and is a Registered NDIS Service Provider

Comparison of Different NDIS Plan Options

Benefits of different NDIS plan options Enable Agency
Commonwealth funded - no cost to you
Access to NDIS Registered Providers
All your support payment invoices paid for you
All supporting paperwork securely kept for you in case of NDIA audit
Access to non-NDIS Registered Providers
Don't have time to self-manage but you want the flexibilty and control it provides
Assistance to help keep track of your spending
Not dealing with government call centres in relation to your funding


Participants who are self-managed still have the flexibility and choice to decide what supports they buy to meet their plan goals. They will, however, have to organise payment of their service providers and manually claim the money back from the NDIS.

If you are plan managed though, your service providers are able to send all invoices directly to us, or you can forward them to us based on your preference. Save yourself hours a week and the hassle of paperwork and without the additional burden of paying the bills. The best part is there is no cost to you! The NDIS adds additional funding to your plan separate to your therapy and other plan funds.

Two women enjoying an NDIS plan management meeting
Getting everything ready for an NDIS Plan Management meeting


Stay up to date with your plan with our easy to use Funding Management Portal.

  • Careview portal and Careview
  • Advantage mobile app
  • Approve and reject invoices
  • Real-time view of budgets
  • Track against spending

Let Enable Plan Management take the stress out of managing your plan and supports.