About Us

About Us

Enable is a division of EBL Disability Services which incorporates both plan management and support co-ordination.

EBL Disability Services was established in 1981, by a loving group of parents who came together to support each other, and help those with intellectual disabilities to live meaningful lives.

Like EBL, we are committed to ensuring every person is supported to embrace and enjoy a rich and full lifestyle of their choice.

Our services are designed to support individuals and their families from childhood through to adulthood in line with the NDIS practice standards and code of conduct.

Our Vision

To passionately support individuals and their families to lead fulfilled lives.

Our Mission

To provide quality lifestyle support and accommodation services to enable people with disabilities to enjoy active fulfilled lives.

Our Values

We lead by example, treating all in our community with genuine respect and equity.

We encourage people with disabilities to believe in their ability to achieve independence, with support and individual choices.

We partner and advocate for our community to unite and overcome challenges to fulfil aspirations and provide peace of mind.

We deliver quality service options that support the individual to make a positive difference to their health and well being.

Our Team

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Yvette Elson

Yvette joined Enable in June 2019 as Business Manager. She has a Bachelor of Commerce and brings a wealth of experience, having held several senior accounting roles in international development, manufacturing and the disability sector, just to name a few.

As an advocate for making a positive difference in the disability sector, Yvette is extremely passionate about the work Enable offers and is excited to be part of such an ethical, supportive and down to earth team.

The Plan Management Team

Plan Management Team

The Support Coordination Team

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